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USS Princeton Old and New

ap10-S69-20559 apollo10recovery66-44 Apolo 10 b-1968-3 B-Div.1968 Boni Duran Boot camp Briers on the left Capt Hoskins n co. Combat Cargo Dennis-Bob-V4 Guys Hearl and Bill Smith

5 Responses to "USS Princeton Old and New"

  1. Robert Gilbert

    Not as easy to navigate as it was, is this all the photos you have

    • G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

      Hi Robert ,
      There are more photos on the first page just click on the Old plane !

  2. John Sexton

    When I look at these pictures it really brings back memories. I can remember about all these events,,Note the fueling at sea operation, Those red shirts were my first class getting ready to take on Ave gas, I was in pump room seven decks below waiting to take fuel. I know most of these pictures are from my cruise book so now I will have to did them out..I lost my first cruise book and cant seem to be able to find one. 1951/52 cruise

    • david cutsforth

      Nice to see the ship again I was one of the last in G div. to get off in 1970. Like to see more pictures if anyone has them to post .

  3. G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

    Ok Guys,
    More pictures are up …. just go to PHOTOS and click on the Plane ..

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