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Ship Patches USS Princeton

Our daughter, Addie Brower, Granddaughter of Charles M. Brower, former CO and Ops on Princeton is graduating from the Naval Academy and is being assigned to the USS Princeton CG-59. We created this shadow box showing the progression of Browers on the Princeton.

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  1. Thanks ,
    This is Red.. I had Smith’s on the Princeton for (10) years..
    Me and two of my brothers from 1960 to 1970.
    GL Smith 3rd div. ,H.K. Smith S-3 DIV and W,L. Smith Also S-3 DIV.

  2. Long Beach Ca. July 2011.. Navy Days ,Ron Bishop A-div.,Tobby Tobias 3RD div.,Jim Morrison A-div and me Red Smith 3RD, took a trip to Long Beach Port and went aboard the USS Princeton CG-59.We were welcomed by the Capt. and was taken around the ship… What a day!

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