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Apollo 10 pickup, flightdeck


Apollo 10 capsule on flight deck.

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  1. Ronald W. Thomas

    I was there on that day What a day to remember!!!!


    Yes it was Ronald. I was attached to the Master at arms most of the time I was aboard the Princeton.


    It was awesome for sure. I was in Navigation Division

    • G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

      Hey Guys,
      Do any of you know where the Apollo 10 capsule is now !! Would be nice to go see it .
      If that is even possible..

      • Ronald W. Thomas

        From Ronald W. Thomas SFM2 on the Princeton for the Apollo 10 pick up.
        It is located in the Air Space museum around the Portland area saw it there with the chopper that picked it up

        • Ronald W. Thomas

          They have the capsule hanging under the chopper suspended from the celling look awesome.

    • Russell Gresham

      Hi Cope This Is QM1 Gresham. It has been so many years. Just found your name while looking for the news crew that was aboard during Apollo 10 recover. Seems there are not many photos of the recovery or of the shellback crossing.
      Fair seas
      QMC retired /


    I was in 3rd.Division. aka. Deck Apes. lol. I remember long hours of practicing recovery and the day of splashdown. I remember being invited into one of the NBC trailers with a wall of tv screens & viewing the Princeton from many angles. The bake shop did a marvelous job on the cake with Snoopy and it was an honor to shake the hand of our Commanding Officer Capt.Carl M.Cruse on Shellback initiation day. The only regret I have is not buying a camera while in Long Beach or Pearl Harbor. None to be had in the ships store. Most of all,it was a great honor to have served aboard Princeton with such a great crew. I was part of the skeleton crew onboard Princeton during her final days. Was hard to say goodbye. But,I would gladly do it all over again if it were possible.

    • Russell Gresham

      Sorry Lee I don’t remember all that was aboard, but again it has been a long time. I was also aboard during the Apollo 10 recovery I was QM1 Gresham in the Navigation dept. Hope all is well, hope to hear more from you. /
      Fair Seas
      Russ Gresham QMC retired

  5. david cutsforth

    Remember it well also all the news people on ship, who all remembers the equator crossing ??

    • Russell Gresham

      Hi this is QM1 Gresham, How are you doing? Well I hope. Just found you while looking for the news people you were talking about. Seems no on has much info about us, few sites or pictures. Cant find anyone who has a cruise book either. Have any ideas? /
      Russ Gresham
      QMC retired


    Hi QM1 Gresham,gosh I don’t remember many crew members names from Princetons Apollo 10 mission either tho I had the honor of meeting a lot of them from different divisions. A great group of sailors they were. I have tried many times to find a 1969 Princeton cruise book. ebay has a few cruise books ,but no “69 Princetons” as they just are not available. Most of the cruise books are very pricey,several hundred $$$ a few over a thousand. Great to hear from Apollo 10 shipmates,tho there aren’t many of us left,as I’m 70 years old in July. Remember the scuttlebutte about Sweetpea before decommissioning? ” The Gillette razor co. bought Princeton for scrap. Going to make razor blades of her. In the future as you stand before the bath mirror shaving & knick yourself,you can look skyward & exclaim Damn! The Princeton got me again. Fair winds to everyone who sailed the seas w/Princeton. I will admit 1 thing. The day about 20 of us was leaving Terminal Island enroute to new duty stations,as the tugs were towing Princeton away from Pier Echo, all of us as on Q did an about face facing Princeton,snapped to attention & saluted her. The pier seemed so quiet you could hear a Q tip hit the deck. Our eyes got misty as there was not a dry eye among us.We snapped our salute,about faced & continued up the pier in silence,each consumed by their own thoughts. True tale.

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