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This new web site does not seem to be attracting our shipments.
What happened to roster of past USS Princeton shipmates

Chris Stovall

3 Responses to "Roster"

  1. G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

    The membership list is at the top , just click on this link “Members List “TOP RIGHT .
    We have about 433 shipmates on this website… might be some one there you know. …
    Don’t forget to login …

  2. G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

    Announcement about Dues
    At the meeting of the USS
    Princeton Veterans, Inc. on
    September 17, 2014 a motion was
    made, seconded and carried to
    increase the membership dues to
    $15.00 ,effective January 1,2015.
    Any dues postmarked by
    December 31,2014 will still be $10.00
    per year. You may pay several years
    in advance if you wish. Postmarked
    after January 1, 2015 dues will be
    $15.00 per year.

  3. G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

    We can no longer continue to send you newsletters if you do not renew your
    membership with the USS Princeton Veterans, Inc.
    If we do not receive your membership renewal you will not get your issue.
    If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact the USS Princeton:
    Veterans, Inc.
    Garland (Red) Smith
    P O Box 251
    Rim Forest CA 92378

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