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Missing Events

I see on here there many missing events Like Maureen O’Hara having chow with the sailors on mess deck, And the PUDIC Raffle winner gets 24 hour date with Rita Marino , Also the Movies that were filmed on board . And I see nothing about our ships mascot JANE the palsy girl we put through school and took care of all her medical expenses. The fact about the only Blue Angle killed in Combat was in VF 191 as well  the Blues team during the  first tour of Korean war. CAG 19

The cover story on life magazine , “Thirteen Hell Weeks with Capt. Wild Bill Gallery.

The movie and life of Admiral Hoskins the first skipper of the Sweet P, and his prior tour  on the CVL23 Princeton in ww2 and the Squadron that made a patch in his honor as Peg Leg Hoskins.

There are many great stories on the history of the Princeton that maybe many that served on her later did not know.

The majority of skippers made CNO,, and Capt. Gallery Brother was also an admiral and famous in ww2 for the capture of a U Boat with his carrier, and Vincent O Gallery a play write and author.

The photo of VA195 dropping the kitchen sink strapped top a 500 pounder s was done because stars and Stripes wrote that the Princeton had dropped everything on Korea but the kitchen sink, So the old man said hell we can do that too.  I was standing behind the Camera man that shot that photo and also helped in the launching. The Camera man was Charles Sexton no relation but a good friend and we were the only two Sextons on board and was thought to be brothers.

The Princeton was also known to have more Brothers and even father and sons than any other carrier and we were called the Family ship. We had some pretty old guys also, Pop Daumstead ( SPELLED WRONG)the first class ships boatswain was one and he was our Judo instructor Black Belt for the Marines and Landing Party.

Just a couple things of interest.






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  1. G.L.(Red) Smith Smith

    Thanks John,
    Thanks to you we all know now…Some of this was in our newsletter.
    Thanks again


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