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Landing troops in Vietnam in April 1962

While we were landing Army troops in Vietnam April 1962, I was flight deck corpsman. Because the piper cubs we had on board didn’t make but 1 off the ship, I was told to get on board one of the Marine helicopter should the troops need medical assistance. Well just off shore our helicopter went down. We were only about 100 feet up so only the captain got a minor cut on his arm. We hit hard and as a result I have had back problems since. I have put in for assistance from the VA and because they seem to have trouble getting the fact of the incident, I have been waiting for more than 3 years for a decision from the VA. If any of my shipmates have any info on the incident, PLEASE contact me. I need all the help I can get..

Richard Johnston at


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    It was Marine Squadron, 362, Operation Shoofly, fixed wing were OE’s, Marine Squadron VMO2, Look up chronlogical info, by Marine units with dates for both squadrons
    and u may find info of the incident..


    Richard Johnston,sorry to hear about your active duty service connected back injury suffered as a Corpsman (Marine) aboard a US Marine helicopter from flight deck of USS Princeton enroute to Vietnam hot combat zone to provide medical assistance to US Army troops when it crashed off shore from the beach. President Trump has promised improvements in help care to all veterans. Contact your State Senator regarding your injury and copy the President of the United States with same letter. Let’s see what happens for you.
    RM1 Charles R. Goss USNR-R (ret) On board USS Princeton CVS-37 for Joint Seato Operation Firmlink, February 1956 Thailand


    I have always wanted to know what happened to Dr. Donald R. Botts, M.D. who was our chief medical officer. The last time I saw him was in the psychiatric ward in the Philippines. He was an excellent physician with an “elbow” problem. He was from Little Rock AR and was a board certified ophthalmologist before the age of 28. He was also responsible for bringing a personal jeep on board, had Charlie Drigger, BM2 to paint it Navy gray and put Medical Dept. Research & Development on the side. Capt. Davies made us get all that off before we could move it anywhere within hours of getting to Hawaii. Dr. Botts was a good guy who just didn’t like being in the Navy.


    Sorry for the previous comment I made, just always wondered what happen to my shipmates with who I have great memories of. I guess getting older (76) things like that make you smile.

  5. Charlie Drigger, BM2….Hummm ! Charlie and Hudson were my drinking buddies’ LOL..
    I was in the 3rd division with Drigger . nice guy but we all drank to much!!

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