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Cam Rai Bay

Can   anyone  tell   if  the  Princeton   was   in   Cam  Rai  Bay  in     1964-  1967 ??

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  1. USS Princeton (LPH-5) operated on Ganh Rai Bay during April 1966.
    Ships Identified in Vietnam Inland Waterways by C … USS Princeton (LPH-5), USS Robison … Mekong River Delta and Ganh Rai Bay,
    Hope This helps

    • Stuver Thomas

      the Princeton was in there on the 16 th of june 1966 for change of command .. Tom Stuver

  2. Mike Bollinger

    As a PFC I was ordered to the Princeton in late 1960, assigned to V2 Division. I was transferred off the Princeton in late 1962 after the Cuban Missile Crisis. For some reason I am not listed as having served on the Princeton. Why am I not listed on the crews list. There are several other Marines in the Princetons air wing that I remember that are listed.???

    Mike Bollinger
    CPL Paul M Bollinger

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