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Went to boot camp 1960. From there went to Long Beach where the Princeton was in dry-dock. I was assigned to a (yard bird) welder and a fire extinguisher . At that time I thought my Navy days were at a end and this was all there was. Soon we were done with the dry dock and now I was on the USS Princeton LPH-5 and out to sea.. I was so happy I could buy cigarettes and when we got to HI. could buy BOOZ ..I was a BM seaman ,chip and paint . If it did not move I painted It. was in the 3rd Division. The Fan Tail was now my home. By the last part 1960 I was part of small boats, Capt.'s Gig. and that was fun, where the Captain went I went .

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Hey Guys The Membership list is now up, you can find it up at the right top. You have to Login , if your not a member yet you need to Register. This is a list of
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Announcement about Dues At the meeting of the USS Princeton Veterans, Inc. on September 17, 2014 a motion was made, seconded and carried to increase the membership dues to $15.00 ,effective January 1st 2015....
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