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Dues Announcement

Announcement about Dues At the meeting of the USS Princeton Veterans, Inc. on September 17, 2014 a motion was made, seconded and carried to increase the membership dues to $15.00 ,effective January 1st 2015. Any dues postmarked by December 31,2014 will still be $10.00per year. You may pay several years in advance if you wish. Postmarked after January 1, 2015 dues will be $15.00 per year.


USS Princeton Veterans, Inc.
Margaret Cole, Secretary
285 Chestnut Street
Antioch, IL 60002

Make all checks payable to the USS Princeton Veterans, Inc

6 Responses to "Dues Announcement"

  1. Anthony F. Rossi

    Thanks to Red’s help, I navigated the computer passage ways. I’d better have the memory bank remember me so I don’t get lost again. Be in touch. TR

  2. Anthony F. Rossi

    Touchy computers and fumbly fingers are frustrating. I’ll Try a Bio sketch another time.
    Interesting Note: If you served from Sept. 1945 to 1991, when USSR collapsed, then you’re credit with serving in the Cold War. Princeton can add that to its credit. AFR

  3. John Sexton

    I didn’t know this Org was out there, I sent dues in and am glad to be on board. Princeton was my first and most memorable experience of My Navy Career.

  4. Jim Rowe

    When i got out of “boot”, they gave us 3 choices for sea duty …..
    This old salt next to me said “Put down CVA and CVS .. that way, they have to give you a carrier…… I did, and got the SweetPea as my First duty !!

    After Pearl, Yokosuka, Hong Kong, Philippines, Formosa I thought, Wow, I’m a world traveler!
    and now, after 50 Years, i can chat with everybody & share photos for LESS THAN A MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION !!!!


    I finished Boot camp and just before OGU, and Billet assignment I had enlisted as AR and was already now aa, , I was offered UDT Frogmen since I was a former life guard, and class A swimmer, Also was offered Sea Bees since e I had construction back ground, but preferred to stay Aviation, So they said see that Carrier at the pier at North Island , That’s you assignment, I went on Boot leave and returned to board the Shasta Day Light and head to Bremerton Wash ship Yard to board the sweet P. Then we did our shake down and headed to Korea, I served just over three years, and when she converted to CVS I left for Shore duty two days before she left for another west Pac as a CVS, Being 17 and being initiated by ww2 sailors the first cruise It is like they say, you never forget your first, I served on other Carriers after that but the Princeton has my Heart, I have all three of her cruise books in Korea, and All its History as well as CAG 19 and CAG 15, The one thing that upsets me is there are only four carriers that did all three tours in Korean war, and had three skipper that made CNO and three that made front cover of Life and Times, But when it comes to Front page Fame its always the Boxer, Phill Sea, or Bonny Dick, I don’t mind the Valley Forge fame as she was first on Line in Korea, and the Princeton was formally the Valley Forge when keel was laid, And its also the fact we had the Original Blue angels as VF191 , in first tour, in Korea,,Bill Sexton


    I just read Ron Hoak’s post on face book. His active duty in the Marines almost mirrors mine, no IFR for me. My active duty started in late October 1959 also as a 17 year old. From MCRD I went to NATTC Memphis for Helicopter Mechanic School (MOS 6481). Then Sea School at MCRD San Diego. I don’t recall the date I reported to LPH5. The ship went to sea for a short time operating off the California coast. Then she entered drydock for several months. I was still aboard when the Cuban Crisis happened. When we went back to Long Beach I was transferred to LTA. I finished out my enlistment with HMH462.

    Great post Ron.

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