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1 Response to "OS-1966"

  1. Willie William [nickname: Bill] Raines (married name: Stavi-Raines)

    I believe that the photo “Making an Enlargement” is of R. J. Derwin, a Marine. He was part of OS Division serving as a Photography Section. I served with him in the OS Division, but I was part of the Weather Section. OS Division was divided into two sections, Photography & Weather.

    I have a photo of all personnel that served in our OS Division during the early to mid 60s. OS Division was also a composite of Sailors and Marines who were very good at working together and being friends, and of course, Shipmates.
    I’ve only re-connected with one other OS Division shipmate over the years. His name is Howard Hada, another Marine. He and I have re-connected and stay in touch via emails. I would certainly like to re-connect with others that I served with aboard the Princeton.

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