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Need a little Help.. for Mr. Godinez

My name is Robert Godinez, I was trying to get information  from my father about his tour of the navy

according to his recollection he joined when he was turning 18.

so that puts him at 1953,

he is having hard times remembering facts so any help you can give us so that he can join his navy friends in this journey, would be very helpful to him.

His name is Jesus M. Godinez or Godines, sometimes due to the language its mistakenly spelled either way.

he said he was in san diego California in the Uss Princeton. in 1953 perhaps even in 1954, He says he was a mechanic, or maybe involved in demolition, not sure

don’t know his rank. he said he did four years only and was engaged in the Korean war or Vietnam.  To me because of the years sound more like Korea, but I can be wrong.

after his tour his duty stationed in the states was at Beeville Texas.

From what I gather this is all I can get from him and his memory.  but I have seen his manuals and books from his basic training and fotos of him in it, as well as with his navy uniform, but due

to moving, his past has been lost in the movements that he has gone through in his lifetime. but for sure he insist he was in the Uss Princeton and I believe him.

he retired from the texas national guard.

So again I would like to ask any information you can find on my father will be very useful.

Thank you very much anything you can provide will be very helpful, and would love to give him this one gift of reuniting with his friends from the Navy and the Uss Princeton.

Robert Godinez

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