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Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans

The United States government, through it’s agency the Veterans Affairs, has a DUTY to TREAT medical problems associated with military service; COMPENSATE veterans (or their families) for early death or disability associated with their service; and MONITOR and DOCUMENT the effects of government policy and MISTAKES that created a higher health risk. For 50 years, VA has FAILED to monitor and document the effects of Agent Orange on military members that served in the “Blue Water Navy” during Vietnam. Congress is attempting to “fix” this dereliction of duty – and VA Officials oppose the change. We the people support treatment and compensation for these medical issues; and believe monitoring and documenting these issues should be the responsibility of VA, not the individual veterans.
Here is the link to  web site. On it has a lot of information that Blue Water Navy Veterans may need when file a claim:
Here is another site we have that has even more information:
Needs 98,541 signatures by September 1, 2018
to get a response from the White House..
Sign Hear on this Link>>>

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    When are the senators going to vote on this???

  2. Aim guessing when they get done with Tump LOL
    not sure >>??

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